hora-Raphaël Hoffman-2018
Hora music actually offers VCV rack plugins and an alternative firmware for the eurorack module "music thing modular - radio music" but other projects are coming.

The main aspects/philosophy for VCV modules are:
- Create original modules that have their own sound.
- Be inspired by real hardware circuitry/schematics as soon as possible by copying, testing and/or analysing many
  of these.
- Offer shadowed and flat graphisms and try to get very personnal designs.
- Make modules that look like eurorack modules with classical components (knobs, swiths, pad,...)
- Of course, release only modules that reach a certain level of sound quality and stabilty and improve these to meet
  the users reviews/needs.
- All plugins are available on the VCV store for easy updates.
If you don't know
VCV rack  yet, no worries, it is free, pretty easy to install and funny to use .

VCV rack plugins:

Analog drums: Bass drum, snare drum, hi hat, cowbell, 
  rimshot, clave, maracas, clap, cymbal, clave, toms, conga. 
 These are inspired by real analog drum circuitry and offer a very typical analog sound.
Mixers : 3 mixers, two of these offer control (CV) for
 levels, pan, fx send, stereo inputs...
Sequencers: This includes a frequency divider, an advanced drum sequencer with start-stop-reset inputs for easy synchronization, fast editing features (copy pattern, paste pattern, clear pattern and clear instruments), cv controllable pattern selection, fill seletion, fill triggering,...And it also includes a song arranger's module that allows to chain sequencer patterns.
Sound processors is about sound effects. Actualy it includes a delay, an envelope follower and a spectral processor inspired by the bucchla 296e. More modules will come soon in this plugin.
Synth modules: Plugins of usual synthesis module coming soon (after 15 of March). These will offer pretty original design of VCO, VCF, VCA,...
Modulation modules. This plugin will contain all modulation sources such as mini-sequencers, LFO's, envelopes, ...

The goal of Hora music concerning rack is to produced a complete system of plugins covering synth basics (VCOs, VCFs, VCAs, LFOs, Envelopes), drum modules, sequencers, audio effects, mixers, samplers,... that will be complete enough to create entire songs/tracks.