hora-Raphaël Hoffman-2018
iHora Music isn't a big company, it is actualy just me,  Raphaël Hoffman, a belgian graphist-developer-musician.

My humble experience is based on my musical experience and my hardware experiments such as devlopment/design of modules for an abandoned hardware modules series creation than I was working on with a synth interested ingeener.
I have learn music theory in a local academy, learn instruments and then has played in different bands. Year after year my passion for electronic musical instruments has lead me to always try to understand deeper knowleges in this domain and learn programming, graphisms, electronics,...  

I will conclude by saying thanks to :

Andrew Belt for his work on
VCV rack that is a great creative field for audio units developers and a great music software.
Leonardo Laguna Ruiz for his support, advices and his great work on
vult, a trans-compiler for high-performance DSP.
Antonio Grazioli from
Autodafe for his support and compiling mac versions of my plugins.
All users that has been confident in my firsts products releases and all people that support me in my audio relative projetcs.